Ranger Kathryn's Arches

June 15, 2009

Dr Seuss landforms

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Last night I hiked at the “Windows Section” to take a look around.  It is quite different from “Park Avenue” which is only 7 or 8 miles away, which adds to the mystery of this place.  The Windows remind me of a Dr Seuss drawing, with blobby shaped hills and slumped globs of rock, punctuated by arches, cracks, and giant alcoves large enough to store a spare church building.  The scale is so overwhelming that photos can not do it justice.  If I stand underneath Turret Arch, for example, and give my camera to a passerby who zooms it to get the arch… I am an invisible speck!  I have taken several pics of just arches themselves and then realized it looks the size of a garage instead of the size of a football field.  So… I soak in the enormity of it all and marvel at God’s creative genius.  If I were God, a Dr Seuss neighborhood would be a lot of fun to shape.

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