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June 27, 2009

Dinosaur Tracks 1: Poison Spider Bike Trail

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At 0740 I pull into the gravel parking area, noticing that some biker has stashed his sleeping bag and backpack under the info kiosk.  A rock that disengaged itself from the mountain was found to have two good dino footprints in it, and a photo identified exactly where it was — within easy view.  “The easiest way to see it is to go back down to the highway and look through the view tube,” it said.  Don’t pull that trick on ME, I responded, and headed for the tabular slab up the mountain.  

In rattlesnake country, especially first thing in the morning when they may come out to sun, you place your feet carefully.  When I go over a rock I make it a point to step UPON the rock stompish-ly, to warn any reptiles of my coming.  Our Midget Faded Rattlesnakes are shy, and would rather avoid contact if they know you’re there, so I announce my presence.  Snakes don’t have ears, so they ‘hear’ vibrations.  I walk heavily.

In a few minutes I have scaled the heights.  Before me lies a pair of DEFINITE dino footprints!  A shiver goes through my body.  I secretly wish I’d find him in an alcove around the bend.

I do not know if the white discoloration is something applied by the BLM to make them stand out (and be seen from the highway through that silly view tube), or if it is residue from someone illegally making a cast.  In soft porous sandstone, the plaster will adhere to the stone and break pieces off upon removal.  They tell us to put water on the footprints to make them more visible. 


Dino tracks near Poison Spider Bike Trail, Potash Road

Dino tracks near Poison Spider Bike Trail, Potash Road

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  1. Good word…”stompishly”. I’ll have to remember that. Probably not a legit Scrabble word. But I could see “cairn” popping up in a Scrabble game! We leave tomorrow morning for the Black Hills. Vern’s bringing his laptop and they have Wi-Fi at our resort, so I’ll try to keep up with ya!

    Comment by Kathy Lewis — June 27, 2009 @ 6:35 pm | Reply

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