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June 28, 2009

The Moab police guys are so nice

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I am in bed, flummoxed and trying to determine what to do next

I am in bed, flummoxed and trying to determine what to do next

My purse went missing last night.  It was my own fault, as I was distracted by my marathon blog-writing session and wanted to finish it up after the library closed.  I sat on the curb with my purse and laptop, using the Wi-Fi outside the library.  When that got too warm, I moved to a shaded location — and forgot to bring my purse.  Going back for it an hour later, of course it was gone. 


Contents:  $15, my CELL PHONE, an already-closed credit card, checkbook full of checks, MN driver’s license, library card, health insurance card and my Morning Grind coffee card.  The only things I worry about are the checks and license.  I can drive somewhere and get another phone if I need to.

The police guys were so nice.  They were out on a domestic when I first called in, so it took another hour to file a report.  Meanwhile, I searched the bushes and trash cans all around the outside of the library, to no avail.  I fantasized about having a sniffer dog who could smell me and then find my purse, but that was not reality.

I’m praying for the purse to be found.

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