Ranger Kathryn's Arches

July 7, 2009


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Last night my friend Amanda and I were driving half hour up to the north end of the park, to take in Ranger Matt’s campfire talk about the native peoples of this area in the past few thousand years.  My camera’s fully-charged extra batteries were lost by someone on the canyoneering trip, and I haven’t been into town yet to replace them, and when I tried to recharge the current ones the charger wouldn’t light up.  Into that scenario please throw the following visuals.

Sun setting in west, flaming red rocks, undersides of perfect cloud shapes like burnished bronze, tops lavender, sun orb dips below horizon, everything afire.  No camera. 

Round the bend, park in amphitheatre parking, get out of car, look east, see fullest full moon ever — rising over the darkening La Sal Mountains.  All within five minutes.

Look west again.  I tell Amanda that I am officially speechless, having run out of adjectives entirely. I look east and am riveted.

And you, dear readers, are left image-less.  Pity.

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