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July 14, 2009

Such a great day…

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Being “in the zone” is a satisfying, but rare, experience.  Today I was in the zone.  Everything I did or said was either fun, successful, encouraging, or entertaining — in addition to having meaning and substance.  The visitors with whom I interacted were sharp and thoughtful, whether out at Delicate Arch Viewpoint (geology talk) or in the Vis Ctr.  Hazel, age 3, was my all-time favorite visitor as she animatedly told me about Sealy, her pet seal.  The heat did not bother me today, as it was two hours earlier and a few degrees cooler.  I had energy and enthusiasm that entertained even my co-workers at the desk.  I had visitors come in late in the day and find me in the VC just so they could tell me how thrilled they were with my geology talk earlier in the field.  That MUST mean that I am settling in and finding my sea legs and becoming comfortable enough and familiar enough with the tasks at hand that it is flowing more naturally, without stumbling or straining.

I am keenly aware that it is the grace of God which enables me, empowers me, strengthens me, equips me.  I give him the pieces — he creates a pleasing whole.  That is just such a God thing, isn’t it?

Window Kleener vs. Ants

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secret weapon

secret weapon

A long, single-file trail of tiny sugar ants marched up the front of my kitchen cabinets to the countertop.  Six tiny footsteps at a time, they made their way to the piece of taco shell that lay there.  It was a crazy sight.  More ant bodies than taco shell.  I could see that some previous occupant had tried to stuff some old sponge into the opening under the cabinets from whence they came, to no avail.  I looked around for what to do, knowing that ants lay down a pheromone trail and will use and reuse and reuse it once a food supply is made known.

Wet paper towels were my first weapon.  I wiped up the ants, the taco bit, and the pheromone trails.  An hour later they were back at full strength.

Living in rental housing, my options were very limited.  Under the bathroom sink lay some Comet cleanser, and a squirt bottle of Windex-type stuff.  Its ingredients said, Purified Water, Vinegar, Ethanol, and Coconut-Oil-Based Surfactant.  I shrugged.  Surely ONE of those things could stop ants.

I will leave the details to your imagination, but suffice to say that I have no more ants in my kitchen.  After just one application.

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