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August 11, 2009

Looking for a foreign word that means…

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… a person who is sojourning through a land without belonging in it, or to it.

A useful word.

Two days on the highways — and only two gas fill-ups! — have landed me back in Austin, MN.  Always, always, a home-coming after an absence has an element of gladness and rootedness to it; however, that is utterly lacking this time.  An odd feeling surrounds me, as if I no longer belong here.  What is this unusual green color everywhere?  And the cloying thickness of the air?  Where are my beloved red rocks?  Why can I no longer hear the canyon wren’s mournful descending whistle?  I will allow myself the grace to walk through the next few days at my own pace, processing my re-entry slowly and thoughtfully.

It is painful to be missing Utah so intensely, but perhaps it is a Big Clue.

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