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February 19, 2010

Moab or Bust… and I’ll probably bust

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Only a few days remain before my Minnesota address becomes a Utah address once again. I am headed back to a place that captured my heart as I worked there last year; its magic is as soft as unicorn dreams but as strong as titanium alloy. Moab, Utah — jumping-off point for both Arches and Canyonlands National Parks — is the place I’ll call home for a significant portion of 2010. The biggest hurdle, however, is my To Do list that has far more on it than the remaining four days allow. Brain synapses seem overfull, stuffed as if with a shoehorn — people to contact, taxes to file, last-minute shopping, deciding what items must come with me and what may be safely left behind, and ultimately a home to prepare for seasonal renters while I’m absent. Sleep is elusive and interrupted. It is difficult to complete tasks without distraction. Every cell of my body quivers with anticipation. Moab, land of flaming red rocks! Moab, gathering place of aged hippies! Moab, mecca for rock climbers! Moab, gateway to scenic vistas and all manner of outdoor adventures! You welcome me with open arms! I merely need to extricate myself from all that has a hold on me here, and begin the 1300 mile approach. Off, tentacles! Come forth, minimalist tendencies!

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