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March 5, 2010

Polygamy Porter

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Wasatch Beers, a microbrewery in Park City, Utah, knows how to market in a Mormon state. The packaging’s byline says, “Why Have Just One!” (sic) and, in small print, “Bring Some Home For the Wives!”

You never know what your guests will donate to drink.

Utah microbrewery product -- click to enlarge

Storm-chasers #1

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Winter rainstorm descends on 'Garden of the Gods'

We watched the weather moving in all afternoon; the high-50s warmth was swallowed up by thick clouds, and the temp began to plummet. It was closing time at the Visitor Center and the staff were getting off work. Large raindrops splatted down, and housemate Joel sprinted the three blocks home. Upon arrival, he shouted “Storm Chase! Let’s go find waterfalls!” — signal to drop everything and go looking for run-off from the mesa tops and formations. Timing is everything. Too soon and nothing is pouring off yet; too late and it is merely a trickle.

Thin waterfall pouring off sandstone; snowpack shrinking, rain falling

Thin waterfall sliding off sandstone; snowpack melting, rain falling

Driving up into the park, racing the fading sunlight, Vic pointed out the typical locations where she’s seen pour-offs. We stopped to photograph what we could, but the dismal light required us to “just remember” rather than document what we were seeing.

Snowpack melt was significant today before the rain; the large spring droplets decimated the remaining snow pockets. It is springtime at Arches, even if the calendar says the equinox is still a couple of weeks away.

Bloody Mary Wash flows deep red in a rainstorm

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