Ranger Kathryn's Arches

April 5, 2010

Views expressed herein do not reflect…

I should have done this a long time ago.

OFFICIAL DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in my blog are those of Private Citizen Kathryn, and not of the National Park Service.

I want to make certain that readers of my blog understand that I am using this as a personal journal of my job and my adventures, and in no way do I speak for the NPS. I’ve taken down (i.e., made private) my post on False Kiva from last August, since it has caused more problems than I could have imagined. Too many people in the world, especially camera-bearing types, want to visit this protected site. The Web is full of erroneous information and directions and routes, and it is causing grave headaches for Canyonlands NP as they struggle to find the balance between preserving an utterly unique resource and allowing restricted public access.

It is my hope that the power of blogging can be harnessed for good and positive purposes. I sincerely apologize to policy-molders and decision-makers whose lives I’ve made more complicated by my False Kiva post.

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