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April 12, 2010

“I can not get no Feed”

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Poignant graffiti at Chaco Culture National Historical Park

Intriguing century-old graffiti at Chaco — on a rock that many passers-by seem to have used for messages — says this:

Jean — I can not get no Feed — I can not wait For you.

What drama. It begs speculation about what animal(s) were feed-less, for how long, and where he eventually found feed. And… did Jean ever find them? Were other messages left elsewhere? How long did the crisis continue? What month of the year was this? And… why is it in a lovely cursive script instead of the typical block letters that can be more easily carved with a knife?

Along the petroglyph trail in Chaco Culture NHP. Surprised man? Celebratory stance?

I have a similar gut reaction when I view petroglyphs and pictographs. I want to know about the artists, and what they were representing, and how long it took them to peck or paint the rock art, and what their tools looked like, and whether they stood back with satisfaction on completing it. A millennium later, some things appear obvious, and others are pure speculation.

Dog? Coyote?

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