Ranger Kathryn's Arches

April 17, 2010

Parade of Favorites

As I was perusing my iPhoto files, a few just need to be shared on the blog — for no special reason except that they help you get into my desert world. Click on any to enlarge.

(A) Shafer Trail Overlook

(B) Dewey Bridge Member

(C) Morning Glory Arch

(A) Why do people always look over the edge? It’s at least 600 feet down, I think, at this Shafer Trail Overlook. Can’t help myself. Very cool place.

(B) Geology lesson: The wavy rock layer is the Dewey Bridge Member of the Carmel Formation. Old tidal flats, mid-Jurassic. It would seem that Dr Seuss took inspiration from this for all his rock illustrations. Gotta love the Dewey Bridge Member.

(C) Morning Glory Arch, 6th largest natural rock span in USA at 243 feet, is on BLM land a couple of miles outside the park. Since it is forbidden to rope any arch within the park, this one does get regularly climbed. You can see my rappel rope hanging there.

(D) The Fiery Furnace is an area of tightly-packed sandstone fins, tall, mysterious, and inviting. Rangers take tour groups in there twice daily, and adventurous individuals can secure permits to explore on their own after orientation to resource protection issues. In the  last month we’ve had two broken ankles in the Furnace, and Law Enforcement put this site in their GPS as an LZ (Landing Zone) for a helicopter in case a medical evacuation becomes necessary. Can you believe a ‘copter can land up there?!?!

(D) Atop a fin in the Fiery Furnace, an LZ exists.

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