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May 3, 2010

Department of Fun Messages

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Every once in a while, memos are creatively delivered. Like the kitchen instructions up at the Canyonlands visitor center that are elegantly crafted in haiku. Here is our Arches equivalent.

In the visitor center staff lunchroom

Fisher Tower

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The Titan: 900 feet of stunning sandstone

Looking for a late-afternoon solo hike for thinking, praying, and cardio-ing, I chose to head northeast from Moab along the Colorado River. Fisher Tower has been the set for many a western scene in the movies, for good reason. I’ll let a trail writer explain:

“Few of nature’s geologic creations are more bizarre to look at than Utah’s Fisher Towers. About a dozen of the strange monoliths stand near the Colorado River east of Moab, grouped together like petrified skyscrapers from some prehistoric city. The brick-red sandstone skyscrapers rise abruptly from the desert floor, while a network of gullies and canyons form the city’s avenues and boulevards below. The residents of this weird metropolis are an endless collection of goblins and gargoyles frozen in the canyon walls beneath the towers.”  (utahtrails.com)

It was 4:37 pm when I struck out from the trailhead. I was sure I could do the whole thing, 4.6 miles, before sunset (8:09), but I still kicked myself for having left my headlamp and whistle behind. One must prepare for the “what ifs” in the desert: What if I fell? Turned my ankle? Missed some cairns in the later dusk? Oh, well — at least I had my rain jacket in my pack.

Only a few cars in the parking area, so I had the place mostly to myself. Just the way I like it. With camera, water, and peanut M&Ms, I had a grand time.

The top of a huge spire, gracefully carved

looking toward Castle Valley

Nov 1962 Nat'l Geographic documents the first ascent of The Titan

Definitely skyscrapers

Fisher theme of 'verticality' is evident even in this 30-inch plant

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