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May 21, 2010

In which I secure my next job prior to completing the current one

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I’m doing so well at this campsite-holding gig, the movie company has offered me a subsequent one — for even more money per day. So, today the entire “2nd unit” descended on our sites and got their orders from the Stunt Coordinator. They were going to hike up the dry wash to scope out the location of the horses-running-up-the-canyon scene. They were bemoaning the fact that the horses need water, and there is no immediate water; the horses will poop, and it needs to be scooped; the BLM prohibits the driving of ATVs up the washes, and how will they water the poor thirsty horses? Long hoses? 5-gallon jugs?

I guess I will help them! I’m now hired on for five days of horses/mules/water/scooping. I don’t ask questions, I just do what I’m told. Twelve-hour days plus breakfast and lunch and unlimited snacks. Probably five days. I’ll have to find another place to live, however; my campsite will be precious real estate.

Right place, right time…

Oh, yeah, the wranglers found fresh bear tracks in the sand yesterday in that wash! I need to go make photographs.

I wonder what it’s like to haul water and poop all day every day for a week??!!?!?!?

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