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June 1, 2010

Fine day on the Colorado

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Things I learned on my river trip:

  • I’d rather be in the 90-degree air than the 55-degree water
  • Peak river volumes coincide with minimum water temps (liquid snowpack…)
  • The water was WAY colder yesterday than it was eleven days earlier when I flipped my raft
  • Dogs wear life jackets
  • Kayaks handle the big water more easily than inflatable rafts do
  • It is possible to add air to a leaky vessel in mid-river if your pump is handy
  • I will row on calm waters, but leave the navigating of rapids to my experienced river friends
  • (Sun + wind + river) = dehydrating
  • Tighten your life jacket fasteners maximally before heading into the most dangerous rapids
  • Make a mental note of the number of beers your oar-men have consumed before deciding who rows through the trickiest sections
  • No matter how cold the waves are as they splash into your boat, the sun will always dry and re-warm you
  • If you scream when heading into a giant rogue wave, it’s more fun

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