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June 9, 2010

First day at Island in the Sky

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Raising the flag with decorum on the first morning

I apologize for the long break in posting; this is as hard on me as it is on you, believe me. For the time being, the only internet I can get in my new location (short of driving 30 miles) is at my boss’s house or just outside her front door. It’s a little tough. But I wanted you to know I am in my new location, far away from civilization this time, and I FINALLY get to put on my real true Park Ranger uniform! Hooray for the green and gray!!!

The biting gnats are eating us alive and I must say they can make life miserable. But let’s concentrate on the fabulous parts of this job, like the good people I work with, and the spectacular views 360 degrees around, and the Mr Freezes in the visitor center freezer for employees.

Stay tuned. I’ll post as often as I can!

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