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September 6, 2010

Farmers’ Market, Moab

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Yes. I put the apostrophe there because the market belongs to all of the farmers. Grammar aside, however, I must say that this time of year is pretty spectacular in a locale known for its fruit trees, melons, and master gardeners.

The National Park Service rents a booth each Saturday morning for Farmers’ Market at Swanny Park, and when I staff it I get to watch the entire cross-section of humanity milling about — buying, selling, schmoozing and busking.

I studied the Native Americans making their fry bread one piece at a time across the way, and the large bearded man sweating profusely as he superintended his cache of watermelons, cantaloupes, and variety melons.

The Youth Garden Project has the loveliest booth, hands down, with all the last couple of days’ produce artfully arranged and displayed at reasonable prices. The Castle Valley Creamery has a photo album of its goats, complete with names and personalities, that helps you want to buy their yogurt and cheese.

Why would anyone buy these goods from the supermarket?!?!

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