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September 12, 2010

An arch, or a beer?

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Kind of looks like a mummy's dessicated left deltoid

The monstrous leg of Corona Arch holds up a gazillion tons of sandstone

If you say the word “Corona” around Moab, some listeners will think you’re talking about Mexican beer. Others will immediately know that it’s a splendid arch ten miles south of here, outside of the famous national park. Bootlegger Canyon holds this massive (140 ft high) sandstone formation, to which a co-worker and I hiked the other evening at sunset. It was everything I hoped for — a chance to get away from people, noises, RVs, and To-Do lists..

Bowtie Arch -- a pothole bigger than any in my Minnesota homeland

Bonus arch: “Bowtie Arch” is the most massive pothole arch I’ve ever seen. Another visitor described it colorfully:

“Bowtie is a bonus sight. It appears that a haywire missile from a passing spacecraft blasted through the back wall of its deep alcove. If so, perhaps one of the alien pilot’s many appendages accidentally bumped the ship’s controls while all of his eyes were ogling Corona Arch.” [http://www.hikingcamping.com/corona-arch.php]

Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed the walk!

Corona Arch sinks into the shade


  1. those two certainly look like they should be on the list for future visitors. how long is the hike?

    Comment by john — September 13, 2010 @ 7:29 am | Reply

    • Only 45 minutes hike to the arch. People rappel off of it — in tandem — one off each side.

      Comment by Kathryn Burke — September 13, 2010 @ 8:56 am | Reply

  2. a gazillion tons– you sound very precise and technical in your description! Thanks for the photos of the Creator’s artistry– beautiful!!

    Comment by Lynn — September 22, 2010 @ 10:12 am | Reply

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