Ranger Kathryn's Arches

March 7, 2011

23,000 and counting

Today’s milestone: the twenty-three-thousandth click on my blog (!!!). For all you newbie bloggers and wannabe bloggers, let me just say: while this falls far short of some of my “super-blogger” friends’ sites, it has far exceeded any dream I ever had for writing and publishing my experiences. Without you, my readers, the blog would be nothing but a glorified diary. THANK YOU for following my adventures.

I’ve installed an email subscription widget on the home page upper right corner (“Sign me up,” it beckons) to make it easy for the blog posts to come to you instead of your having to find them. 2011’s impassioned installments will begin later this month —  I’m days away from leaving my snowy Minnesota home (16 degrees F) for the Moab Valley (60s F). (Two stops along the way will be worth sharing with you — stay tuned!) I’ll dodge some final winter storms en route, but seeing my first robins yesterday at the local Hormel Nature Center made my heart sing. At long last, spring IS coming.

Glad to have YOU along!

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