Ranger Kathryn's Arches

March 9, 2011

Eve of eve. Double Arch.

"Boats leaving the harbor." Claude Monet. A metaphor.

Two days from now I’ll be heading west — my hometown, dear friends, and family will be in the rearview mirror. The twinge of sadness in my innards has caught me by surprise, but it is momentary; mostly, I’m just plain excited. As I ponder the variety and depth and intensity of adventures that await, a smile starts at the corners of my mouth, creeps into my heart and then is quickly distributed throughout my whole self. Goin’ to Utah, beloved Utah! If that doesn’t deserve a ‘systemic smile,’ nothing does.

I’d like to whet your appetite for those glorious red rocks and the photos to come. Please click to enjoy this breathtaking 360-degree look at one of Arches National Park’s dramatic formations, Double Arch. Use your mouse to direct your view.

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