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March 13, 2011

Snow geese everywhere

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Snow Geese -- (google image. I couldn't shoot at freeway speeds.)

Like shimmering, flowing ribbons in the bluest sky, the V’s of snow geese were heading north. For a few seconds the sun would glint off their brilliant white feathers and catch my eye, but at 75 mph I dared not look too long. A small pond along the Nebraska interstate was white in the distance, obscured by a flock of several thousand at rest. They are purposeful and relentless in getting to the breeding grounds and perpetuating their species.

Somewhere in eastern Colorado this Minnesota flatlander (elevation 1,260 at home) began looking for mountains. I found them eventually — a whole range of somber, solid peaks guarding my evening’s destination of Dillon. I’m writing this from 9200 ft, where walking up one flight of stairs leaves me breathless.

This peak greeted me along I-70 west of Denver

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