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April 21, 2011

Heading into the (farther) wilderness

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Do you love doing things you’ve never done before? Or are you a creature who finds comfort in familiarity?

I’m on the cusp of a brand new type of adventure. Somehow I’ve made it to middle age without ever going on a backpacking trip — what a deficit in my outdoor repertoire. Oh, I car-camp and love it… but that doesn’t get me away from people and into wilder places. In a few moments I’ll be leaving for a place I’ve wanted to visit for three years: Grand Gulch Primitive Area. I’m carrying everything I need, including 16 lbs of water, on my back. Yes, I’m going with a friend, and she’s got some experience (sort of) doing this. Yes, I’ve left my itinerary with my housemates. Yes, I have toilet paper and extra batteries for my headlamp. Yes, it should make for some entertaining blog posts, especially when I find out what imperative item I left behind, or what ridiculously unnecessary item I lugged around. I’m considering this a learning event.

Even more, its purpose is to explore. This area is filled to overflowing with two of my favorite things: ruins and rock art. The people who lived there a thousand years ago, or several thousand, left many indications of their presence. I’m going to find them. Back in a few!

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