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June 21, 2011

Tricia. Boss.

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She spots raptors from a half mile away. Loves maps. Looks dashing in the green and gray. Is on the local Search & Rescue team. Is passionate about her work and her world. Rock climbs. Sends text messages as rapidly as her teen-aged daughter. Eats from her big garden all season long. Writes policy for the park’s Climbing Management Plan. Has mastered the art of self-expression using earrings. Is unafraid of speaking out against injustice or unfairness. Identifies every plant by its Latin name. Might weigh 100 pounds (with her pack on) but is unafraid of folks twice her size. Knows when to use they’re, their, there. Sings (only a little out of tune) with or without background music. Is convinced that preparedness is next to godliness. Has an outrageously funny sense of humor. And, as her crowning achievement, imaginatively supervises folks like me.

Meet Tricia, my boss.

[BTW, she is single. I will personally screen all potential suitors.]

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