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May 4, 2012

Quick trip to my homeland

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Who’d have thought that a color could be so therapeutic?!? My plane landed in the middle of springtime in Minnesota and the thousand shades of green rushed in, almost to my nerve endings. It’s a color one can nearly feel, green is. Trees — real trees, tall trees, deciduous trees! — drew my eyes high, and lilacs beckoned me to bury my nose in a bush and breathe deeply.  Every hair on my head began to curl from the humidity.

The grass beneath the maple tree wooed me. I didn’t even try to resist.

I’d forgotten how much I love the month of May in the midwest.

One of my daughters is graduating and that surely deserves a long weekend back home. Family is coming from near and far to honor her accomplishment. Rainstorms? They may interrupt the BBQ, but nothing — and I mean nothing — will dampen our celebration.



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