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April 20, 2016

Outside for 103 hours

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Hands are chapped, face is dry, fingernails dirty and chipped. Haven’t donned clean clothes  for five days — too cold, and I’m wearing every layer I own — and my poor hair hasn’t seen a brush. I’m not exactly presentable.

But I am very, very happy.

I am out in untamed places where I see few others, where all sound except the wind (and an occasional wren) is conspicuously absent, where clouds are studied for important clues, where my body is toughened by exposure to elements, where a frozen water bottle means I’m exploring new comfort zones, where adventures await around every sandstone outcrop.

This week, here in Utah, I’ve stumbled upon ancient slab-lined hearths that cooked Indian Ricegrass when the pyramids at Giza were still young-ish. I’ve sat with pictographs likely painted while King David ruled in Jerusalem. I’ve hiked miles down washes that have echoed with the steps of people for many, many millennia.

And I am very, very happy.


[Thank you for your understanding and patience concerning photos. It is far too data-intensive to get them on my blog unless I’m near WiFi, which is infrequent. I will make up for it by posting a photo album when I am in town.]

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