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July 15, 2017

The close of this blog… at least for now

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It’s a big number: 158,976. My mind can’t quite reconcile that many views for this humble blog in the past nine years —  begun solely as a way for me to remember my adventures. And what a nine years it has been! I’ve pushed myself beyond limits I thought were solid. I’ve found a voice I didn’t know I had. I’ve explored wild places, hiked until I couldn’t take another step, wasn’t sure where I was a few times; I’ve rescued visitors, endured discomforts, learned to rock climb and canyoneer, encountered animals, summited mountains, warned others of danger, and gotten lost in wonder too many times to count. Oh, and I’ve fallen deeply, deeply in love — with another park ranger! — a man whose smile still quickens my pulse, who helps me explore wild parts of the West and wild parts of my psyche, and who will be by my side for life. This is so very, very good.

Oh, you’ve noticed the absence of my posts, and you’ve seen this day coming. In this moment I feel an urgency to thank you, dear readers, for following along on my journeys through the wilderness. I was able to take you with me to places secret and sacred and mundane, on mis-adventures as well as unforgettable ones, sharing the joys of discovery and exploration. As I scroll through my 616 posts, I get misty-eyed recalling the landscapes that keep their mysteries closely guarded, into which I entered. I’ve been so very privileged. But now I am needed for another critical mission.

(This is QUITE the scar.)

I’ve flown home from Utah to be with my brother Ric, who was just diagnosed with brain cancer and then had a large stroke, and to prepare my home for his arrival when he leaves the hospital. Providing loving care for him is my next adventure, and it will require all the energy and hope and compassion I can muster. Shutting down this blog will help me bring closure to what I’ve done in the past, so I can focus on what I’m to do in the future.

Thank you. Thank you for your kindness and your kudos and your ideas and your passion. Thank you for your 2,652 comments that have spurred me on, made me smile or cry, and have connected me to readers in 78 countries. It’s been a wonderful, wonderful run. You know nothing EVER disappears from the web, so the archives will be around if you want to do research for your next vacation out west. I can’t resist assembling one final slide show of this year’s delights, so watch for that soon. I’ll always be grateful that our paths crossed in “Ranger Kathryn’s Arches.” I send my love to each reader. Adieu!

Brother Ric looks a lot better here. He’s the one on the left.


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