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June 23, 2011

Having completed 100 days

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Me on Day #100. No product in hair.

My mid-March Utah welcome consisted of snow, ice, meltwater, white-blanketed La Sal Mountains, and a mid-weight winter coat. Today, the first full day of summer, I spent eight hours in the field with temps in the upper 90s. Went through three liters of drinking water, a tablespoon of SPF 50 and about fifteen squirts of herbal bug spray to repel gnats. What a difference 100 days makes.

One hundred days of experiencing wilderness, encountering raptors up close, surviving sandstorms, learning new skill sets, pondering Mormon culture, losing and then finding my way, letting my hair grow into curly ringlets, working through roommate stuff, contra dancing until my head spins, facing unforeseen health issues, wondering about my future employment, going backpacking for the first time, keeping my wits about me, achingly missing my children, laughing in the face of gale force winds, wondering about love, embracing a diet of plant-based foods, and admiring the fine group of co-workers with whom I share this park.

I’ll come home a different person.

Leave a comment: What life experiences have changed you deeply?



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