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July 12, 2011

Transition time — blog hiatus

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I'll follow the Colorado River to the northeast as I leave Moab. It's been at flood stage for over a month.

With my move-out just days away, and 1300 miles of highway travel ahead, there won’t be much posted for a bit. I’m determinedly logging all my bird census data on giant spreadsheets for posterity, doing laundry, locating items to return to the office, and trying to write a letter of recommendation for a friend and a summary letter for my boss. Good thing I don’t have to say a single good-bye — only “I’ll see you again soon.”

I’ll write when there is something to say!

May 6, 2010

Blog hiatus whilst brothers here

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Adieu for now -- Kathryn (r) with friend Sara (l)

Tomorrow my three beloved brothers arrive, driving straight through from the midwest to spend a week adventuring with me. It’s been about a quarter century since we’ve gotten to spend protracted time together, so we are all looking forward to it greatly. We aim to be far off the beaten path. I guarantee that I shall not be blogging during this time; none of our campgrounds have electricity or internet.

Looking further ahead, my time at Arches is drawing to a close and I must check out of housing this afternoon. My next assignment, up at Canyonlands NP, doesn’t start for several weeks. Be advised that my blogging until then will be non-existent or very intermittent, depending on what I decide to do in the interim.

Thank you for joining me on my adventures thus far. I hope you’ll return in early June for the next installments! It will be a whole new world up there, and I’ll look forward to having you along for “Ranger Kathryn’s Island in the Sky.”

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