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October 26, 2011

Oh, those search engines…

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Every blogger wonders what leads viewers to click into his/her blog. WordPress, being the wonderful blog platform that it is, actually tells you every day what search terms landed people at your doorstep. Today’s, for example:

night landscape photography
scorpion without tail
baby scorpion
spider mite poop
moonflower plant tattoo
petrified wood lithic
capitol reef national park pictures
image of eggs cooked and uncooked
ghost town waterfall
alpacka red raft
people viewing sunset atop knoll
great gallery horseshoe canyon
ben franklin’s identity crisises
why solitude is necessary
pics of huge red tailed hawk
mice b gone
the maze canyonlandsmousebgone

наскальные рисунки

shaman rock art

big long black caterpillars in fremont ohio

My name's Ranger Kathryn and I believe every literate person should read the classics.

Some of these are entirely predictable and anticipated; I can even figure out how the Ohioan looking for caterpillar ID found me. But — “ben franklin’s identity crisises” (sic) ?!? I’m racking my brain trying to imagine what I could have written! And, the Cyrillic query? I used an online translator to copy and paste that; my Russian reader seeks info on “rock paintings.”

Ah, the siren song of Google! The tantalizing allure of access to anything — literally anything — about which we want to read. The promise of more knowledge, more facts and opinions, more photos, and endless links. How can the classics compete with it? What young person would patiently work their way through 700+ pages of The Brothers Karamazov — which took Dostoyevsky nearly two years to write — when one can breeze through a Wikipedia article about it which took perhaps a day to write?

Oh, sorry. I’m listening to my favorite Wagner overture — Tannhäuser — and its lofty, chromatic, brooding tone always inspires me to ponder Grand Themes. Here’s what I have to say: leave my blog and go pick up a classic. Today. Be enlarged.

May 20, 2010

Solitude’s gifts

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Dawn at Onion Creek, Campsite 4 -- "The Rectory" & "The Priest"

Well. I got the first 207 pages of The Brothers Karamazov (small print, 776 pages!) read yesterday — definitely the most daily reading I’ve accomplished in years. Too bad my reading room was so stuffy, small, and squalid. (See photo above.)

Found a creative use for rocks. Colestocks do this often.

A brilliant idea came to me at 4:45 a.m. as I was visualizing what my brothers would do to “improve” this campsite. While I don’t have tarps, hammock, folding table, etc., to make it elegant, I do have a rather limitless number of rocks at my disposal. Because so much sand blew into my tent on Windy Day #1, I have done what any good Colestock would do: collected a large number of them and began building a small wall around the base of my tent. I am pretty sure that over the next two predicted windy days, my wall will protect my tent from assault by the invading grains. If it is successful, who knows what my next project may be? (Hint: the Roman aqueducts have always fascinated, and Onion Creek runs just the other side of the road…)

They taste just as good as they look!

And then I ate a few edible yucca blossoms, which are deliciously salad-like and fresh.

And suddenly it was time to build a fire and watch the bats and stars come out.

And I’m getting paid to do this.   [* contented sigh *]

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