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March 20, 2010

In which I drink from a spring and suffer no ill effects

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Chaco, the dachshund, ascends the trail under human power in places

Five of us took Chaco, Jacob’s wiener dog, to Hunter Canyon (BLM land) to explore. Hiking with a dachshund is a hoot, requiring plenty of assists and hand-offs. We got lost, of course — five rangers couldn’t follow cairns?!?!? — and then my skillful backcountry roommate pulled out her topo map and we realized how far off course we were.

Drinking from the spring at Hunter Canyon -- mm-m-m, good!

At the hike’s end was a conspicuous spring trickling from a rock wall. Ranger Victoria optimistically described having drunk from it three days earlier and not gotten sick. I’m a former nurse and know too much, but the thought tantalized me and Vic and I hoofed it over to the spring and lapped up palms of water. WOW, was it tasty… and I don’t think it was the element of risk. I think it was REALLY GOOD WATER.

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