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March 12, 2010

Why you must leave comments on my blog

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Happy Blogger

See Kathryn. See Kathryn’s laptop. See Kathryn blogging. See how happy she is to be sharing her Utah adventures with her friends and with total strangers!

It has come to Kathryn’s attention that some of you are lurking in the shadows, reading, thinking about commenting, but never bringing yourself to the point of actually clicking on that red COMMENTS link and writing a thought or two.

She begs you to write, if something moves you. This is how a blogger gets to know her audience. Her stats page tells her that she has been getting between 40 and 98 hits per day, which astounds her. (Biggest day was 210 people, after hometown newspaper ran an article and included blog link. She was thrilled!)

Bloggers feel honored when folks leave comments. She’d love to know if something she writes or photographs moves you, or you have questions about rangering or Utah or national parks or whatever. Or, feel free to suggest a blog topic for her to write about.

One last thing: if you’d like your computer to notify you whenever she posts a new piece, go to the bottom of the right-hand column under META and click on ENTRIES RSS. The same goes for COMMENTS RSS. Then you never have to check back here to see if there is fresh ink.

Leave a comment: What specific obstacles keep readers from commenting?

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