Ranger Kathryn's Arches

May 16, 2010

Desert textures

Barren lands have much to offer in the realm of visual textures, if one is open to discovering them. Let’s have a look at the fascinating surface qualities and tactile treasure of southeast Utah. All these photos were taken within the last week; click to enlarge.

Handsome jutting layers found in Little Wild Horse Canyon

Iron concretions on the False Kiva trail. Some consideration has been given to whether they are dinosaur eggs.

Incised petroglyph on sandstone. Maybe 9" across, 0.25" deep. Spirals indicate migration.

Mud-biscuits (my term) under a shaded overhang. Drying layers exhibit aesthetic curling edges.

Tafoni (honeycombed holes in sandstone) line both sides of Little Wild Horse.

Some tafoni invite occupancy... especially if climbing is required.

Weathered roots from dead junipers are exceedingly textural.

Deeply cut canyons at the White Rim layer, Island in the Sky

The thin left "knee" of Delicate Arch inspired its name

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