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February 17, 2011

Nine good reasons why I blog

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Sunset at Devils Garden, Arches NP

In no particular order:

. My memory is indisputably faulty, so I want a detailed written record of my national park adventures.

. It provides a context for sharing my favorite current photos. Not everybody has Facebook.

. My family and friends want to keep track of my adventures, and  be able to respond.

. I believe the written word has powerful influence.

. I process information far more completely if I have to tell it in story form, succinctly and colorfully. I come to know myself better as I write.

. I want to inspire others to pursue their lofty dreams by showing them how satisfying it is to pursue mine.

. It’s excellent discipline to practice writing. I get better as I do it. It is gratifying to find just the right turn of phrase to describe my adventures and observations.

. I’m a big fan of the national parks, and want to share my wonder-struck-ness.

. I’ll never write a novel. A few paragraphs at a time is just right.

If you blog, journal, keep a diary, or write novels… leave a comment about your motivation for doing so.

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