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March 14, 2010

BTR, part 5: You go, girl

Just about everything worth doing is worth doing because it’s important and because the odds are against you. If they weren’t, then anyone could do it, so don’t bother.

I had just read these sentences on a favorite blog of mine, and it resonated with every fiber of my being. Something within me balks at taking the easy way, the predictable way, the expected way.

I’m going to do this course. I’m also going to be decades older than anyone on that cliff, that week in April. I’m going to be as prepared as I know how to be — physically, mentally, knot-ly. I’m going to venture to the outer solar system of my limits again.

I did that at least once before. It was when I was facing my 50th birthday and wanted to do something memorable. I applied for a spot in a popular half marathon, having never run more than a mile in my life, and that had been forty years earlier. When my name was selected, I went out and bought my first pair of running shoes. I couldn’t even run 1/3 mile. As I trained for 385 miles and 3.5 months, a subtle shift took place within me; I went from “Just what do you think you’re doing?!?” to “You can do this, you really can.” That finish line brought indescribable exhilaration.

I can do this

You go, girl.

Leave a comment: When have you pushed your self-imposed limits? What did you discover about yourself?

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