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March 25, 2010

Thompson Motel

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Once upon a time, it was nice

Ghost towns are fun to explore. Thompson Springs, UT — population perhaps 30 or 40 — curled up and died over the last decades. It looks in some ways as if its people just got up and walked away. The railroad depot still says PARKING FOR PATRONS ONLY. The cafe counter is long and the chrome still shines through the dust. One house has a dozen bovine pelvises wired to its chain link fence.

My favorite, however, is the old motel. Its doors stand open in the spring breeze — none having been closed, I would bet, for years. I was there eight months ago and it looked just the same. Someone is squatting in the far west bedroom, as evidence by the signs. We halfway expected said person to appear at any moment, but saw no living person in the town.

The motel's lone occupant has left a message

If one uses one’s imagination, images of the bustling coal mining railroad town of the early  20th century can be conjured up. For now, however, there is nothing here but a few prairie dogs and pronghorns now and again.

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