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April 28, 2010

Of pirate flags and interpretive moments

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Jolly Roger flies over the housing complex

Park rangers can be quirky. Take the three of us living in House 6, for example. There is a pirate flag flying in our side yard, the climbing rope hanging from the front yard tree, and a growing rock collection beginning to take over our living quarters.

Rangers are always looking for “interpretive moments.” After watching on a training video that there are not one but four (4) types of biological soil crust correlating to aridity of environment, Ranger Victoria looked at me and asked, “How can we interpret that?” In other words, “So what?” or “How can we help visitors decide to care about this stuff?” That is always a ranger’s bottom line.

We’ve collectively decided that our highest goal as interpreters would be to create emotional connections with this park so strong that our visitors are reduced to tears. Or, as Joel is fond of saying, that their heads explode.

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