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July 27, 2010

Putting the summer into jars

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Apricot Salsa ready to be processed

Moab is thick with fruit trees. July is thick with fruit. Mulberries, cherries, plums, and apricots… everywhere. Deliciously wonderful.

Karen -- stirring, stirring

I invited myself over to boss Karen’s house to assist her with the two boxes of very ripe apricots she had, and busied myself halving and pitting the fruit. The food processor made quick work of the ‘cots, red peppers, and jalapenos that were going into this salsa recipe. As we chopped cilantro and garlic and onions, and added the cumin and cayenne to the big pot on the stove, the savory aromas filled the kitchen. Cooking it down a bit brought it to the right consistency, ready to be ladled into the sterilized jars hot out of the oven. Lids were boiling on the back burner. Thunder rumbled and boomed, many canyons to the west, as the full moon rose in the east. Everything was just right for putting the summer into jars.

Apricots galore!

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